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What is Veggie Parade?

Veggie Parade is an international celebration of an ethical attitude to animals, and is held in different cities each year. The aim of the parade is to inform the general public about the truth behind the abuse of animals, and to encourage them to take a behind-the-scenes look at farms and factory farming. We seek to provide an ethical solution to this wide-ranging issue; highlighting the unjust treatment of animals and discussing the futility of existence in the big picture. The parade in Prague will celebrate the values of compassion, nonviolence and respect for the lives of all creatures on this planet.

The event is a celebration created in an effort to bridge the gap between vegans, vegetarians and those who still consume and use animal products. Come to publicly support those who do not have a chance to speak for themselves. Lets be the voice for the silent ones, and show that we are not indifferent to their suffering. This two hour march through Prague with music and banners will be a great opportunity to show your goodwill. An integral part of the event is the street party, which will include vegan product tastings, distribution of informational materials, themed booths, masks, musical instruments and live music as well as sound systems. You can also look forward to the unusual veggie after-party, supported by great bands and DJs.




We feel compassion for the animals, who are victims of the ideology of speciesism.

We believe that each life has its own value; therefore, we have no right to treat living beings like things. We don‘t see animals as commodities, just like other human beings are no longer degraded to commodities in our society.

We feel compassion for all animals, not just for pets, who are favoured by people. If it is wrong to abuse and kill a dog or a cat, it is equally wrong to do the same to pigs, calves, fish, mice, chickens or dolphins.

We reject the exploitation of animals not just for food but also for fur, cosmetics tests and other – often pointless – experiments or so called entertainment, such as circuses, bull-fighting etc.

All animals, without exception, want to live according to their natural needs. All sentient beings are unique creatures who deserve freedom, respect, love and understanding.

For a long enough time, reputable medical institutions and scientists have been producing evidence proving that anappropriately planned diet without meat or any other animal products provides all that our bodies need, even throughout pregnancy and childhood.


This has not just been proven by scientific studies but also by millions of vegans and vegetarians from all around the world.

Yet a lot of people – including some doctors – still believe that it is a health hazard to exclude meat from a diet, let alone all animal products. All this just because of dogmas and prejudices, passed without criticism from generation to generation and fed by the commercial interests of those who profit from the suffering of innocent beings.

If it is possible to live without killing and exploiting living beings, there is nothing to justify the monstrous violence that is inflicted on them in today‘s world.
Let's give our voices to animals and show that we are not indifferent to their suffering.





June 9, 2018

Veggie Parade

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